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We are magical beings living in a magical world
Elina Doronkina
Art & Hypnotherapist, Crystal Healer

What are we?
It is very often that people underestimate the role of chakras and energy in their body. They say that there are no grounds under the theory that a human being consists of many different layers. They say we are physical beings and if there are any ailments, they have been caused by food, environment, predisposition or way of life.

Partially, it is really so. However, in spite of their opinion, all health problems (taking into the account injuries and accidents) begin on energy levels. You might ask me how that is possible.

Let me explain. Everything is energy. A thought is the energy; our body is energy as well. Yes, our body is the energy, only dense one. The density is achieved by the huge quantity of living cells within us. But what is a cell? Energy (you can see it through a microscope). What does it produce? Energy. Why do we move, talk, work, dance, learn etc? Because of the energy. If we receive enough energy, we are happy and productive. If we run out of it, we are down and upset, cannot do anything.

One might say that we receive energy from the food. Again, partially it is so. But our main resources are coming from the environment: earth, trees, oceans, universe, moon and sun. Our body can live without food for up to 40 days in a row. We can live without water from 7 to 10 days, although scientists re-assure us that 3-4 days is the longest period when we can survive without water. And there are many cases when people do not eat and drink at all: they are receiving all important nutrients from the Sun and called Sun eaters. Also, there are bretharians who feed on Prana (vital energy) and yogis, who claim they don't eat or drink at all, and feel fantastic.

Studies have shown the health benefits of brief and long periods of fasting. Our cells eat bad cells, various junk and sick cells during those periods and body becomes healthy. Personally, I am fasting every week for 1 or 3 days, and feel absolutely fantastic, filled with energy and ideas, invigorated and strong. No, I am not urging you to do the same, if you cannot part with your favourite foods and drinks, but what I am trying to say is that our body can survive without food, because it receives the energy from the outer sources and produces the energy inside.

Our chakras are receiving, spreading and processing this fresh energy. They work like mini-engines, supplying our body with fuel. They are breathing in and out, rotating and keeping us alive.

We cannot touch the actual energy, however, we can feel it if we train our brain and body to connect with their own subtle level.

We cannot treat a physical ailment or mental disorder only physically or psychologically. If we treat a problem, we need to work on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic levels at the same time, because all these levels are interconnected and responsible for all processes that happen in our body and mind.

So, if we have a problem on an energetic level, it will manifest on a physical or any other levels. If the body is damaged, our energy and chakras will suffer as well. All levels are so close to each other that it is not possible to damage one without hurting another. It is like when you cut your skin, there is blood and lymph coming out of your body, because they are under the skin and connected to it. The same way our energy connected to our physical body.

It is exciting to learn to understand your own complicated organism and its connections with the world. It makes it easier to heal, remove processed energy and toxins, and prevent (which is more important) ailments and problems.

But this is a topic for another article.

Elina Doronkina
Crystal healer, art therapist & hypnotherapist
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