Stress Release
Diagnostic Session
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Many issues like fatigue, tiredness, insomnia, worry, anxiety, depression, frustration, fear or any other emotional or physical issues, may be triggered by blockages in your energy centres, as well as by negative thoughts.

To find out triggers of such issues book a 45-minutes Diagnostic Session with me. This session can be conducted over the phone. You will get a clear picture of how healthy & strong your body, mind, emotions, energy & spirit are.

I will go through each major chakra of your body, using my special Prangana Healing system and scanning it with crystals. I will tell you if there are any toxic elements, what they affect, and what requires your special or urgent attention.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you:
- Feel blocked, tired, deprived of energy.
- Suffer from insomnia and cannot get out of bed in the morning.
- Feel as if you were run over by a truck.
- Angry and frustrated, but cannot find a reason why it all happens to you.
- Suffer from pains and aches, but there is no explanation to them, no obvious triggers at all.
- You set new goals, but cannot achieve them.
- Your relationships fall apart.

All above might be triggered by toxic energy or negative elements stored in your chakras, body or mind.

to Your Health and Wellness
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