Anastasia Nikishina

New York
Dear Elina!
Thank you so much for the session! Even being in different continents with 16-hour difference I felt your energy and support during the whole time! It was very recharging and relaxing at the same time. I keep doing the techniques you gave me. It's been only few days, but already feeling better ❤️ It takes more time to heal the wounds from the past, especially what was very emotional, but I know I'm on the right way with your help!
November, 2020
Sabrura. YouTube subscriber
September, 2019
I feel amazing! Thank you!
Anna P

recommends Prangana Healing: Living With Ease for women

Dear Elina!
Thank you very much for your individual approach and tailored plan! Your healing system Prangana for women is the greatest solution of my problems and a saviour for my health and family! Wonderful exercises gave me (and still giving) energy and peppiness in my entire body, as well as great mood and balanced emotions every day. Even the colour of my face has improved!
And, the main news is that I AM PREGNANT! It took 6 months of doing your exercises (after 10 long years of complicated treatments and tries!!!) Thank you so much for my new life! Bless you xxx
July, 2019
Troyaner. YouTube subscriber
September, 2019
@Lazy Gym Thank you very much. It helps a lot to watch your videos. :) I will keep watching and been inspired of what you are doing :D
Thank you. Feels amazing 😁👏
John Charles

YouTube Subscriber
recommends Soles Minor Chakras. Lazy Gym Channel

@Lazy Gym Thanks for the great advice - I may try your suggestion of two to three times a week ad build from there - I realise the process will be a gradual one but I am grateful for the inspiration! Thank you so much - your encouragement is gratefully received & I know that I can go forward!
September, 2019
Polevshchikova Victoria

Sydney, Australia
recommends Expert in removing stress, restoring emotional health & balance

I am very grateful to Elina for her work. I could not fly on an airplane for 6 years because of terrible fear. But Elina helped me to become more confident, overcome my fears in just 5 sessions and I has flown home to Russia and back. For information, this is 20 hours of flight in one direction only.
April, 2019
recommends Expert in removing stress, restoring emotional health & balance

Thank you Elina for the clarity on how to restore chakras, it was a wonderful session to create awareness on the systems that require my attention. I would highly recommend Elina!
April, 2019
Rebecca Martino

Sydney, Australia
Thank you so much for your Prangana exercises. I have followed all instructions and must say that my anxiety and frustration have gone! For the past three years I suffered from anxiety and no one could help me. After seeing you just a couple of times and doing all your techniques and meditation for 4 weeks, I am free from it and sleep well. Also, I've learnt how to understand my inner voice and follow it. I am much happier than in the past 3-4 years. Thank you again! Please let me know if you have new programs.
Lots of love

Rita Foster

Sydney, Australia
I got a lot out of your program. I feel on top of the world. Have a great week and see you on Wed.

George Marshall

Sydney, Australia
You have powerful tools to heal body and soul. Thanks to your techniques and meditation, I got rid of shoulder pain. My muscles were so stiff because, as you'd found out earlier, of the situation with my stepson. Now I don't have stiffness anymore and feel very relaxed and happy. And, I've quit smoking!

Choose Your Session
How I work with you
An ongoing relationship, support and advice, permanent lifestyle changes. Giving you a lot of fun and vital energy.
We will move to your desired outcomes step-by-step, creating and using special techniques. I will do my part during the sessions and you will do yours in between.
With whom I do not work
I do not work with people who don't want to get well, solve their problems, quit bad old habits, improve their attitude or performance and/or accept changes. You need to find a true answer within and decide if you really want to improve and change your life, get well and become happy.
What makes Elina's Approaches different
This is NOT a "quick fix". The approaches involve an intensive healing in the beginning, and constant maintenance of your physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and mental levels.

You are gradually introduced to a complete change of your life style which helps improving your health, performance, attitude, eating habits, relationship, intuition and nature.

In the beginning, you have weekly or fortnightly sessions, then - when your issues are solved - you have a maintenance session every 2-3 months to correct/balance your emotional levels and re-charge your energy system.
How quickly can you expect the results?
Basically, you will see positive changes by the end of your first session and after it within the first week. Then, you will constantly see improvements within and with out - these can be minor or major, but they will happen every week (or even every day, if you are persistent with the exercises given to you by the therapist).

Our relationship has a form of a "CO-OPERATION" - your therapist does her part during the sessions and you do yours at home. So, your results depend on the level of your commitment, readiness to accept healing, take required steps, perform rituals and exercises.
Make your health your priority!

In a safe and loving environment you will explore yourself and your life circumstances so you can live a happier, richer and more meaningful life. You will unleash your creativity and express your true feelings through gentle processes.

Every person holds a unique wholeness and has a unique life path. I am always present for you, make you feel safe, protected, heard and understood. I support and assist you on your way to a better health, life and goals.

My sessions take you into a beautiful realm of emotions, energy, creativity, spiritual connections, inspiration, intuition, power and health. You will find the right steps to your health, happiness and wellbeing; will be inspired to make the most important changes in your life and this will make you strong, healthy and happy.
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