Prangana Fitness:
Lazy Workouts for Those
Who Cannot Bend Like Yogis
Improve your health with simple natural approaches in as little as 5-7 minutes a day!
Runs: Tuesday @ 12.30 pm; Friday @ 1 pm
Length: 1 hour
Due to a limited number of spaces (max. 6 people), registration and upfront payments are necessary to save you a spot.
You can pay for a single class: $15
Why not make it easier ?!
Pay upfront for 3 sessions and save some money: $40
About Classes
To stay healthy and happy is easy. There is no need for complicated or heavy bearing exercises to strengthen your muscles and joints. All you need to do is to improve blood, lymph and energy circulation in your body.

Lazy Workouts is an author's program which is based on the above principle. It provides a gateway into the world of health, happiness, mental and physical balance, helping people of different age to become more physically and mentally active, engaging them in a range of inspirational activities, such as guided and active meditations and light physical movements.

Since there are more than 350 exercises, each class is different. You will not get bored with the same routine, and will receive a home task to do between the sessions, that will help you to maintain the results you have achieved during our workout.

What do Lazy Workouts help with?
Simple exercises, breathing and self-massage techniques are specially designed to:
1. Assist with pains and aches;
2. Prevent and help with arthritis, joints inflammation;
3. Improve blood and lymph circulation, flexibility of joints and spine, metabolism, energy levels, memory, concentration, brain activity, clarity of thinking, sleep and mood;
4. Remove triggers of stress, anxiety, depression, as well as physical toxins from the body;
5. Oxygenate brain and entire body.

This unique system teaches to re-connect with each part of our body, become more physically, mentally and socially active.

Join the classes and have a lot of fun doing these easy techniques.

What you need:
1. Comfortable clothes that do not limit your range of movements.
2. Comfortable shoes or joggers (sometimes we will do exercises barefoot, so you can bring socks).
3. Your biggest smile, openness and positive attitude.

What is awaiting for you in each class?
Breathing exercises, self-massage, vocal exercises, meditations.

The structure of workouts:
Part 1: breathing exercises and self-massage techniques to warm up the body
Part 2: cleansing body and mind with special movement and visualization techniques.
Part 3: activation of energy centers and improving body functions with physical exercises.
Part 4: stretching and strengthening, balancing body, mind & emotions, active & guided meditations.

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